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How does housing affect children's education?

Habitat for Humanity International Evidence Brief

The location and condition of a child’s house plays a significant role in their physical, cognitive and emotional development and well-being, which impacts their education through improved attendance, better cognitive and behavioral health, and improved

academic achievement. Making direct connections between housing and its impact on children’s education is challenging. However, studies have drawn a pathway between owning a decent, affordable and stable home and experiencing positive educational outcomes.

This evidence brief:

• Summarizes research on critical factors for improving children’s educational outcomes by helping populations with low incomes obtain decent, affordable and stable housing.

• Highlights the key barriers that Black and Hispanic/Latino populations face in improving children’s educational outcomes.

• Demonstrates how Habitat for Humanity contributes to strengthening children’s educational outcomes.

Read more by downloading or viewing the pdf below

Evidence Brief 6_How_does_housing_affect_childrens_education
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